How Do Utilities Save Money?

Mobile Test Device demonstrates Energy Savings

Microelectronics Company Sees for Themselves that the Right Filter Combination can significantly reduce energy usage

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Improves Air Quality while Significantly Reducing Energy Costs

Energy Cost Savings were Imperative for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, See how they surpassed Expectations

Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer upgrades filters and reduces annual energy cost by $1.2 Million

University Reduces Energy usage by 24% per year with HVAC filter upgrades

Major National Retailer saves $6,750,000.00 in annual energy cost with upgraded filters

Water Bottler Reduces energy consumption by 44%

Poulrty Processor realizes Substantial Savings in Energy and Labor

Filter Upgrade Leads To Tremendous Energy and Labor Savings for National Hospital System

Renowned Brewery reduces pressure drop and energy use plus other factors lowering Total Cost of Ownership

Global designer and producer of leisure and athletic eyewear utilizes mobile media testor to predict energy savings

Global Chemical Company's R&D Facility Discovers Annual Savings of $300,000 in Reduced Filter, Energy, and Labor Costs

An Atlanta office building saves $300,000.00 in capital equipment cost while reducing outside air and associated energy usage

White Paper on Utilizing ASHRAE Standard 62 to reduce energy consumption, operating costs and capital cost

University utilizes High Output UVC emmitters to save energy and reduce water consumption

White Paper on Utilizing ASHRAE Standard 62 to reduce energy consumption and Improve Indoor Air Quality

White Paper Comparision of ASHRAE Standard 62 and NIST Indoor Air Quality Design Tool (IAQDT) for reduction of Outside Air quantities

White Paper Practical Application of Energy Conservation with ASHRAE Standard 62

School Mold reduction utilizing High Output UVC Emitter also leads to Energy Savings

White Paper on Achieving IAQ and Energy Conservation Goals with ASHRAE 62

Super Bowl Venue Stadium utilizes ASHRAE Standard 62 to reduce Air Conditioning Refridgeration Load by 55 tons

Rio Grande Regional Hospital Projects Annual Energy Savings of $500,000 with the installtion of High Output UVC Emitters

University utilizes ASHRAE Standard 62 to Reduce Outside Air Requirements and takes Advantage of Energy Savings

Univeristy utilizes ASHRAE Standard 62 to Recirculate Previously Exhuasted Air to Save Energy

White Paper on the Use of Gas-Phase Filtration for Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62 Reducing Outside Air Requirements

Atlanta Landmark 73 Story Hotel saves $25,000 annually in energy cost utilizing ASHRAE Standard 62 to Reduce Outside Air Requirements

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