Comfort Air - Providing a comfortable environment for people

High Ouptut Ultraviolet C band emitters utilized to enhance Air Quality 

Less Frequent Air Filter Changes Saves Gaming Casino Significant Manpower and Money

Proof of Longer Life, Cost Savings, and Better Air Quality Leads a University Medical Center to Install 30/30 Filters Across the Campus

High-Profile Hotel Reduces Energy Costs per Room by Changing to Prefilters that Lasts Fives Times Longer

The 30/30 Extended Life Provides Computer Hardware Manufacturer Significant Savings in Annual Filter Costs

The Nation’s Fastest Growing School District Minimizes Filter Usage without Risking Budget or Air Quality

Large University Acknowledges Notable Economic Impact by Changing to a Filter Lasting Three to Nine Times Longer

Instant Coffee and Tea Manufacturer Reduces System Contamination and Finds Instant Energy Savings

Saving Energy is a Bonus in Hospital that Reached Goal of Reducing Filter Changes & Meeting Efficiency Requirements

Longer life, less frequent changes and higher efficiency make Camfil Farr filters the right fit for luxury resort.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Sees Firsthand The Higher Lifetime Efficiency of Fine Fiber Media vs. Coarse Fiber

Government Labs Rely Solely on Camfil Farr Bag Filters to Deliver Peak Performance and Energy Savings

Office Building Saves $17,000 with Filter Efficiency Upgrade

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Recognizes Filtration Expenses Relate to Entire Filter Life Not Just the Initial Cost

North American International Airport Installs Camsorb™ Canisters for Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Prestigious Children’s Critical Care Facility Achieves Significant Savings...and Cleaner Air

System-Wide Use of Camfil Farr Filtration Products Leads To Tremendous Savings for National Hospital System

Improved Air Quality Brings an End to Workers’ Comp Claim at Extended Care Hospital

Camfil Farr Filters Create a Safer Environment with Lower Costs for Renowned Brewery

Molecular Filtration utilized to remove automotive and truck exhaust from outside air intakes

Ultraviolet "C" emitters go to college to control mold in HVAC systems

Ultraviolet "C" Emitters reduce illness and absenteeism at California School

The benefits of Ultraviolet "C" emitters extend beyond Universities Indoor Air Quality

Florida Hospital Utilizes Ultraviolet "C" emitters to reduce HVAC chemicals and cleaning

LA facility Air Quality enhance through the use of Ultraviolet "C" emitters

High Output UVC emitters provide Microbial Control in Hospitals

Ultraviolet lights "ZAP" mold problem at school

UVC sheds new Light on school mold problem

IVF Lab yield increases thru the use if UVC high output emitters

UVC approach stops mold and enhances air quality at a medical firm

Effectiveness of High Output UVC emitters in controlling Fungal Contamination in Air Handling units

Purafil improves Air Quality at a Texas High School

Hospital uses UVC Emitters for infection control and energy savings

High Output UVC emitters keep unwanted Mold out of Condos

Medical center turns to UVC Emitters to protect against mold, bacteria, and airborne pathogens

Hospital projects $500,000.00 in annual savings thru the use of UVC Emitters

Purafil preserves artwork in the Sistine Chapel

UVC Emitters put and end to Mold problem

University utilizes ASHRAAE 62 IAQ procedure to reduce outside air requirements

UVC goes to prison and reduced gas consumption by $70,000.00 annually

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